It is a broad concept of all processes, products, programs, systems and guidelines that contribute greatly in the provision of a safe environment and achieving life support and all the survival requirements, whether at the individual levels or for bigger mass. The protection solutions provided by Emaan international Company are represented in achieving all the technical requirements to control the risks posed by weapons of mass destruction and explosives and limit their effects on the individuals and the places, as well as what it consists of assemblies, cities or countries.


The available protection solutions are divided into several sections and operations according to the type of the threat and the target, such as programs for technical shelter requirements and the establishment of protection shelters, requirements for detection and reconnaissance operations, programs for direct field handling solutions with risks, requirements for reducing the effects resulting from risks and specialized field decontamination programs. This is in addition to the requirements for full dealing with Risks in closed indoor facilities and gatherings, safe dealing with risks resulting from natural disasters or industrial leaks.