Detection of CBRN

Identifying chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear (CBRN) threats is the first line of defense in order to protect people and the environment. We can help you be prepared and make any CBRN threats visible. With reliable and timely measurement data, you will be able to react on time. Our solutions range from personal safety to protect critical facilities with a wide range of products with the capability to detect surrounding threats.

Handheld Devices

We offer a variety of handheld devices that can detect various chemical, biological and radiological threats. They are lightweight and able to show results immediately.
Each device contains a huge library of elements capable of being discovered and varies according to its military or civilian use.

Fixed Devices

We offer you a variety of devices capable of securing facilities entrances and air ducts inside the building by detecting any factor of weapons of mass destruction.

Decontamination Operations

It is the removal of CBRN material from equipment or humans or the removal of hazardous material from areas where it is not wanted. The objective of the decontamination is to reduce radiation burden, salvage equipment, and materials, remove loose CBRN contaminants, and fix the remaining in place in preparation for protective storage or permanent disposal work activities.

Personnel Decontamination

This process uses a complete set of equipment that we provide to decontaminate individuals, including:

  • Decontamination tents, showers and container
  • Decontamination kit
  • Detergents

Vehicles and Equipment Decontamination

The equipment and materials used herein differ from those used to disinfect individuals, including:

  • Decontamination Vehicles
  • Portable Decontamination Sprayer
  • Decontamination Pumps

Rescue and Hazmat

HAZMAT is a term used to describe incidents involving hazardous materials or specialized teams who deal with these incidents. Hazardous materials are defined as substances that have the potential to harm a person or the environment upon contact. These can be gases, liquids, or solids and include radioactive and chemical materials.

Rescue and Hazmat

To deal with these hazardous materials and rescue personnel the rescuer must be equipped with equipment which we offer that ensures his safety first and then able to deal with various emergency incidents including:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Firefighting Vehicles
  • Rescue Boat

Dealing with Explosives and Landmines

Dealing with Explosives and Landmines

Landmines and other explosives comprise munitions abandoned military equipment, unexploded ordnance, and other (ERW) and improvised explosive devices (IED) is a worldwide threat which kills or injures thousands of people every year.
To deal with such threats we offer solutions for that matter including:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Handheld metal detector
  • Metal detector gate
  • Demining vehicles
  • Explosive containment vessel
  • Detonation kit
  • Bomb disposal robot

General Protection

This section includes everything related to the protection of individuals and establishments from visible threats, which is often through direct confrontation between the target and the threat.
Provide individual protection equipment such as bulletproof vests.

Facilities Protection

Provide protection to individuals inside the facilities from the dangers of explosions and CBRN threats by building and equipping protection shelters.

Personal Protection

We provide individual protection equipment that works to protect from various threats.


Disposing of stockpiled obsolete or surplus ammunition in a responsible manner is a principle that is shared by many countries.
In collaboration with our partners around the world who specialize in handling excess, outdated and obsolete conventional ammunition, we ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental consideration within our processes.
Our demilitarization abilities span from small caliber conventional munitions, right through to highly complex cluster ammunition, aircraft bombs and missile systems.


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