For us, training is the keystone of the maintenance, support activities and dealing with risks.
These training courses cover a broad variety of technologies ranging from the junior level to the trainer and expert level.
Whether for our own needs or those of our customers, we pay close attention to the acquisition and maintenance of staff skills. Our educational engineering departments analyze, develop and prepare training systems adapted to customers’ requirements, naturality of threats to simplify the complexity of subjects and products to be taught in practical and theoretical methods.
We implement the full range of modern learning products:

  • Crisis and disaster management
  • Monitoring, handling and safe transport of hazardous materials
  • Manage individual and general protection operations
  • Safe dealing program for critical situations and crisis and disaster management
  • Fight threats of weapons of mass destruction
  • Field handling exercises for hazardous materials
  • Advanced level of firefighting teams
  • Professional handling of mines and explosives
  • Professional protection and security levels and programs
  • Client’s tailored courses


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